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Actively prevention and control of the epidemic
author: admin  release time:2021-03-24 15:25:00  Click:578

     In order to strengthen epidemic prevention and control work, the positive response of the province, city, district plan, new vaccination work, cooperate with health authorities on March 29, Minami Acoustics Limited

     Zhongshan Plant in after receipt of the relevant departments to inform, positive response, immediately to carry out the notice, promote vaccination, registration registration, vehicle arrangement. The qualified employees will be arranged to go to Torch Development Zone Hospital for vaccination in batches.
     At the vaccination site, the staff filled in the "Informed Consent for Vaccination" in an orderly manner under the guidance of the hospital staff and the company staff. Then, under the guidance of the medical staff, they measured blood pressure and temperature, confirmed identity information, registered vaccination information and a series of vaccination procedures, and strictly followed the precautions after vaccination. They stayed on the scene for 30 minutes before leaving.

     The vaccination work was completed by more than 200 employees. In the follow-up work, our company strengthened the publicity and education, encouraged more employees to actively participate in the vaccination, steadily promote the production and operation work, to provide a strong guarantee for the health of employees.