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Thank you for having you all the way
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Thank you for having you all the way -- Remember 2020 Excellent Team and Excellent Individual Selection & Award Ceremony

Part1: Excellent selection activities:

At 17:30 p.m. on January 20, 2021, the 2020 annual excellent selection meeting of Minami Acoustics Limited Zhongshan Plant was held in Room 101. Zhang Jichang, general manager of the group, is the leader of the selection team, and 19 persons in charge of each center/department and 4 workshop staff representatives form a judging group to conduct on-site evaluation. All the referees will recommend excellent deeds of the departments or individuals.

The awards events started in January 6, 2021 issued "about the 2020 team and good personal selection notice, outstanding award categories are divided into" outstanding team "and" outstanding individual "two categories," outstanding team "were set up three awards," outstanding individual "were set up eight awards, combined the selection 45" outstanding individual ". After the internal selection of each department, personnel administration department qualification examination and review, each department to submit the candidate list and materials and other links. On January 14, the personnel administration department publicized the 62 candidates who met the selection qualification on the publicity board.

At the beginning of the conference, the moderator read out the scoring requirements and matters needing attention. First, it's the "good team." The purchasing center, the mold department and the speaker workshop ran for the "Cost Leading Award". The recommended persons from each department showed their extraordinary achievements in 2020, and the purchasing center won the award. Market center - Sennheiser customer team, project department - Sennheiser RAW BT project team both won the "Customer Service Award", engineering equipment department won the "Innovation Award" for a number of improvement projects in 2020.

Then, to the "outstanding individual" selection link, respectively by the recommenders to recommend the introduction. The judges will score on site. After the completion of each project, Feng Jin-jin from the Finance Department will score. The second member of the labor union, Chen Yanwei, will supervise the score.

"Outstanding Individual" is divided into 8 selection items, respectively: "outstanding supervisor", "outstanding employee", "technical pacesetter", "quality pacesetter", "sales pacesetter", "service pacesetter", "model team leader", "outstanding new person" and so on. There are various candidates to recommend the introduction, more candidates self-recommendation, efforts to canvass votes, courage commendable!

In the summary of the evaluation meeting, the judges proposed to gradually promote the self-recommendation of candidates to show a more attractive self. At the same time, Mr. Zhang emphasized two points in the summary: first, continue to maintain the excellent selection, this is a very good activity, it is necessary to appropriately increase some quota, can select more outstanding individuals; Second, with excellent power to infect people around, so that the whole team more excellent.

Part2: Award Ceremony:

ZhongShan factory

At 10 o 'clock in the morning on January 26th, the 2020 annual award ceremony for excellence and gold medal was held in the second restaurant. The scene was very lively and full of happy atmosphere.

The host Zhang Hanchen and Huang Yanshuang opened the prelude to the award ceremony. Chairman Feng Yanru delivered a speech, saying that the year 2020 is not an ordinary year, but also a year for the company to seize the opportunity and forge ahead. In 2021, we need all the staff of the company to work together, practice results, and build Tianjian into a century-old enterprise. After the speech, the award ceremony officially began. The award covers the 2020 awards of outstanding individuals, a total of 45; 2020 Excellent Award winning team, a total of 3; Annual gold medal personnel, a total of 63; Quality month excellent team, a total of 10.

The award ceremony ended with a song. There is pay, there is harvest, this award ceremony is the company to pay tribute to the hard work of the outstanding. Loving and dedicated to their work, they practice the concept of "unremitting self-improvement, God rewards those who work hard" of Tianjian Group with their actions; Quietly working, they use responsibility to interpret the "loyalty, sureness" spirit of enterprise of Tianjian Group. May the future, follow the power of example, spur us all the way forward.

Yudu factory

Say goodbye to the extraordinary year 2020 and usher in the New Year 2021. Looking back, we are full of passion and look forward to the new journey with lofty sentiments. Day morning of February 3, 2021 key group yudu factory "2020 outstanding award ceremony" was held in multi-function conference hall, He Shenyan, deputy general manager of the group and general manager of Ouxiang, Chen Gufeng, deputy general manager of Ouxiang, Wu Liugang, director of personnel administration and director of production, and representatives of various department leaders and excellent employees attended the award ceremony, which was presided over by fan Dilu of personnel administration department.

First of all, He Shenyan, Deputy General Manager of the Group and General Manager of Ouxiang, delivered a speech. He pointed out that the year 2020 is an extraordinary year, with the spread of COVID-19 worldwide, the increasingly severe international trade situation and the obvious decline of the world economy as a whole.

In such a tough economic situation, we have made more than expected. In February, with the joint efforts of president Wu and the company's core team, quickly achieved full resume work and production, opened a good start for the year's performance, through the unremitting efforts of all members in 2020. Annual production output rose from 2019 in 230 million to 454 million, an increase of 100%. After the speech, officially entered the commendation conference, a total of 1 outstanding departments, 4 outstanding teams, 18 outstanding staff, 21 outstanding staff. Thank them for their hard work and contribution to the development of the company.

The commendation meeting ended successfully in laughter. 2021 is a more critical year for Tianjian Group and all of our colleagues, 天行健,君子以自强不息! We will be able to unite more, work together for our common goal together again, and then climb a new peak!