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Work together to win the honor
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Recently, through the joint efforts of employees of Tianjian Electroacoustic Co., Ltd. and Ganzhou Ouxiang Electronics Co., Ltd., we have been successively awarded the honorary titles of "Pioneer of Science and Technology in China", "Advanced Unit of Open and Democratic Management of Factory", "Excellent Employee" and so on. Below, by Xiaobian one by one to introduce it.

The honorary title of "Science and Technology Pioneer in China" in 2020

Recently,Ganzhou Science and Technology Association awarded Tianjian Electroacoustic Co., Ltd. the 2020 annual "Science and Technology Pioneer in China" title.

Our company will continue to play a pioneering and exemplary role, do not forget the original intention, keep in mind the mission, set the heart together, forge ahead, to become an advanced scientific and technological innovation collective.

It is reported that Ganzhou Association for Science and Technology is a mass organization of science and technology workers in Ganzhou City, a people's group under the leadership of the Communist Party of China Ganzhou Municipal Party Committee, and a bridge and link between the Party and the government to contact science and technology workers, as well as an important force to promote the development of science and technology undertakings in the city.

Honorary title of "Advanced Unit of Open and Democratic Management of Factory Affairs"

Tianjian Electroacoustic Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of "Advanced Unit of Open Democratic Management of Factory Affairs". This honor is an affirmation and recognition of the work of the company's labor union.

Making factory affairs public is the internal need of enterprise reform, development and stability, an important measure to strengthen grass-roots democracy construction, a powerful means to promote the construction of enterprise party conduct and clean government, and an important content of the establishment of modern enterprise system. Over the past year, the company's labor union has widely implemented the factory affairs disclosure system and improved the clear and orderly democratic management mechanism of factory affairs disclosure.

The open democratic management of factory affairs is a long-term systematic project with a long way to go. The labor union of the company will continue to perfect and improve the shortcomings of the open work of the factory affairs and make it a persistent rule and system

Using the power of example, the "top performer" creates a positive work environment for the organization and improves with the company.
Honor can only represent the past, looking forward to the future, we need to be down-to-earth, do a good job in every job, for the company, for individuals to win a higher honor.