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I love this Minami!
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Corporate culture is an intangible thing, but tangible things can be determined by intangible things. The so-called corporate culture is the value concept that guides and restricts the overall behavior of the enterprise and the behavior of the personnel. Ganzhou Ouxiang Electronics Co., Ltd. is an upright, innovative, dedicated and responsible enterprise.

Corporate culture is a kind of people's culture and consciousness. The real core of corporate culture is people. Tianjian Group has established a people-oriented, strict self-discipline, wide to others spirit of enterprise.

Fate always has residual pain, physical disabilities, many disabled people will be discriminated against employment difficulties, and in Tianjian Group will not be discriminated against to solve their employment problems. Not only that, the company also provides many benefits to the employees: in the company service for a certain time can enjoy the annual free physical examination, travel; Extra meals for staff every week; Hold a birthday party every month for the birthday of the month, and distribute gifts and souvenirs; Deliver gifts according to company standards on major festivals such as Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival; At the end of each year, the top 10 employees will be awarded with certificates of honor and generous cash rewards for the long-distance running competitions held for employees. In order to enrich employees' rest time, the company also built an entertainment room for employees, with billiards, table tennis tables, badminton courts, treadmills and other fitness facilities.

Under the influence of the strong corporate culture of Tianjian Group, I deeply feel the care and enthusiasm of the big family of Tianjian Group. Moved along the way, which is the cultural atmosphere of the company, is to lead the democracy, scientific management, between colleagues sincerely help make me feel to choose the key work in the day, is to choose a wide stretch of heaven and earth, a piece of white paper can be painted a beautiful blueprint, is the need to constantly challenge yourself, to conquer yourself, beyond themselves, I will painstakingly depict a meaningful and valuable blueprint of life here without complaint or regret!