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2020 Annual meeting of Minami Group Yudu Factory Planning and Layout
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2020 Annual meeting of Minami Group Yudu Factory Planning and Layout

In December, 2019, the founding meeting of Minami Acoustics Inc. and the first interim general meeting of shareholders were held in Yudu No.2 Industrial Park of Minami Group. More than 30 senior and middle management personnel from the group attended the meeting.

The meeting was divided into four parts. In the first part, Tang Nanzhi, chief Financial Officer of the Group, gave a brief explanation of "Minami Group's share reform registration". It covers: the purpose and significance of preparing for the joint-stock company, the schedule of key issues in the restructuring of Minami, and the purpose and significance of preparing for the joint-stock company.

In the second part, Mr. Zhang Jichang, CEO of the Group, introduced the "Main tasks and requirements of Yudu's production and operation in 2020".

Mr. Zhang proposed that the main tasks of production and operation are as follows: 1. Yudu factory should continue to strengthen the transfer, and the customer projects of The Second Business Unit should be completed in Yudu, and the layout of the two-floor workshop of the new factory should be made into head-wear and wireless Bluetooth.3. Realize the smooth expansion and product production transfer of Yudu factory. At the same time, the following points should be done well: 1. Yudu factory should adjust the new workshop as soon as possible, establish the manufacturing system and seamlessly connect the whole process from the supply chain, production operation, storage and shipment.2. Advance learning or exchange support for engineering staff in Ganzhou Ouxiang.3. Comprehensive introduction of wireless products ATE, MES and E-Kanban system.4. Re-perfect the transfer check list of models to ensure that there is no blind area in the transfer according to PPAP and APQP requirements.5. Quality control is the top priority. ORT and Field-end quality failure prevention should be done well.

In the third part, He Shenyan, General Manager of Ganzhou Ouxiang, introduces the total work in 2019 and the work layout in 2020. Mr. He summarized the work in 2019 from four aspects: annual revenue comparison, human resources status, progress of the new industrial park and external liaison income. In the end, Mr. He arranged the annual work for 2020.

The fourth part mainly to describe the two-year development goals, specific measures and implementation plans of The Second Business Unit. Through the introduction of the current sales situation and personnel allocation, it introduces the description of the 2020 annual structure allocation, key customers and product planning and market.After elaborating, Mr. Feng pointed out that, as an ODM factory, we cannot only rely on the development of Ouxiang and Minami, Communication and the second business division, but can enhance the thickness of products and combine the intelligence to support the IPO of the group.

In the fifth part, Feng Yanru, Chairman of the board, put forward the development requirements of Yudu factory. Mr. Feng summarized: " Management of Research & Development is the leader, efficiency and cost is the core, and production is the focus". Therefore: First, Yudu factory is the main production base of the group. Production covers all group consumer electronics products such as wired, wireless, etc. All employees of the group are required to attach great importance to the development of the main production base of the group, wholeheartedly promote and support the Yudu factory, and relevant personnel should spare no effort to root in the Yudu factory and make excellent achievements. Second, Management of Research & Development is the leader is the leader, pay attention to and strengthen the management of research and development;Third, the efficiency cost is the core, wholeheartedly achieve the group's business objectives.

The founding meeting of Minami Acoustics Inc. and the first extraordinary general meeting of shareholders were successfully held, which is an important milestone in the IPO process of the Group. It is hoped that all members of the group, with one heart and one mind, and work wholeheartedly to achieve our common goal.