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Help the Disabled get rid of Poverty and secure a better life
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Help the Disabled get rid of Poverty and secure a better life

Minami (Bonnicon) contributed to the activity of "the 30th National Day for the Disabled" organized by the Yudu Disabled Persons' Federation

Article 14 of the Law of the People's Republic of China on The Protection of Disabled Persons, which was deliberated and adopted at the 17th meeting of the Standing Committee of the seventh National People's Congress in 1990, clearly stipulates: "The third Sunday of May each year is the National Day for helping the disabled". Since 1991, the national "Help the Disabled Day" has been held every year.

With the 30th ‘Help the Disabled Day’ approaching, in the morning of May 16, Disabled persons' federation of Yudu and Minami Acoustics Inc, jointly organized the 30th ‘Help the Disabled Day’ of help on Hearing Action in Yudu Changzheng Park. This action is to provide hearing AIDS for hearing impaired patients, about 150 people participated in the activities.

The Disabled Persons' Federation organized some hearing impairment people to go to the site, and our company organized relevant hearing testing and matching service personnel. In the activity site, the staff conducted hearing test for the hearing impairment people carefully. Through the hearing test data analysis, the staff chose the most appropriate hearing aid for them. There is also on-site wear and debugging. By doing this, the impairment people can have the best service.

Mr. Hua Weizhong, technical director of Minami Communications, conducted hearing tests for people with hearing impairment

Mr. He Shanhong, assistant of the general manager of Minami Communication, explained the use method of hearing aid to the participants on site

In this activity, our company donated 50pcs hearing AIDS to the hearing-impaired people, reimbursed 5,500 yuan for the travel expenses of the hearing-impaired poor people who came to participate in the activity, and offered a discount of 900 yuan for the three people who bought other hearing AIDS. Participants and their families have praised for this activity, saying that Minami is a caring and socially responsible enterprise. In the meantime, also truly feel the social care from our communist Party and the government. People on site all believe that life will get better and better!

The staff of our company took a photo with the hearing impaired people who received hearing AIDS