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After years of development, Minami transformed into a vertically integrated Product Solution Partner for many of the Best Audio and Communications
brands in the world. With our full-range of production lines, from wiring and cables to transducers and in-house tooling, we can provide a one-stop
solution for our customers.

Tooling Making
Minami’s in-house tooling division manufacturers high precision tooling for the most demanding customers. Our factories utilize the most precise
high-speed Computer Numerically Controlled and Electrical Discharge Machining production machinery. Our 3D measuring, and quality
control equipment ensure accuracy, precision
and repeatability. Deca’des of tooling and molding experience combined with the best equipment enable
Minami to exceed our customers tooling expectations.

Plastic Injection
Minami’s technicians operate multiple types of Single and Double injection molding machines, which satisfy our customers’ need for different
colortones and a variety of special plastic molding needs.

Surface Finishing
Minami’s surface finishing process guarantees optimal surface appearance for all critical components. Minami uses automotive-quality finishing lines
for painting and electro-plating. These lines allow Minami to control the critical final processes of the mass production build.

Wiring & Cable Assembly

Minami makes headphone cables in house. With our proven technology and state-of-the-art machinery, we can implement various geometric weaves
and cable designs
and use a variety of dielectric materials for the jacketin.

Surface Mount Technology

Fully automated and high precision Surface Mount Technology Production Line with high capacity output, ensures Minami can fulfill the needs of our
customers for any size quantity of production.

Driver Production

Minami designs and produces a variety of transducers, with dimensions ranging from 5.5mm to 50mm. Minami has invested generously on the automation
for the driver production line, as we are known for our acoustic repeatability, accuracy and high performance.
Over 96% of the transducer production line is
automated, ensuring our customers get the best acoustical performance in every device.
Minami also has the ability to make prototype drivers with
our automated machinery.

Electret Condenser Microphone Production

With 100,000 clearance range, Minami has Electret Condenser Microphone manufacturing in house. Under the certification of TS16949, we serve

different kinds of car-kit microphones for integrating OEM and aftermarket cellular phones in the automotive industry.