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Minami Enterprise Culture

To become the world‘s leading electro acoustic company
Make the most wonderful sound come from Minami
Code of conduct
The management principle is equal, fair and open.
All employees are equal. We cooperate with each other as a team no matter what positions we are working on.
We follow the principle of democratic decision and authorized management.
Everyone can express his opinions freely in meeting room. Once the resolution is confirmed, it should be fully

Social responsibility
Environmental guideline:
Based on the regulations and law, efficiency improvement, pollution prevention, and continued improvement
Environment control:
Minami strictly works according to the National law and regulation and the related industrial regulations
Health and safety:
Minami provides a healthy and safe environment for all employees
Interest conflict, gift and bribe:
Minami strictly comply to the law of “the People’s Republic of China against unfair competition”
Morality and laws:
Minami complies to the highest standards of moral behavior and fully comply with all applicable national and
international law
Human rights:
Minami respects and advocates human rights and never employs child labor and forced labor.